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45 years of Design

45 years of design: the ’10s

45 years of design: the ’10s
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We have almost reached our days in this journey that crosses time and explores design trends and styles of different decades. In our last article, about the dawn of the new millennium, we saw the impact of technological innovations, and how much this has undergone an unprecedented acceleration.

We have also seen that among the fundamental changes there was the advent of social networks in everyone’s daily life

Thinking about the 10s of the 2000s, it is impossible not to focus on the development of social media. In fact, it has happened precisely in this decade that social networks have transformed, becoming a primary and fundamental showcase of one’s life, one’s personality and the image of oneself that each individual wants to propose to others.

In this decade, in short, we have become profiles and users, before anything else.

The fundamental principle that has guided industry and marketing over the decade has therefore been “personalization“, that is, building your own consumption experience around the user, whatever form of consumption it was, from the purchase of an object to the visit of an art exhibition, from the personalization of a product to the dynamics of internet browsing.

You, the individual, are the target; your passions, your tastes, your habits, your choices are the reference ideas for our design.

So, it is understandable that all the objects that have been awarded with the Compasso d’Oro in these last years have mainly been characterized by two characteristics. First, a minimal design, because the priority is no longer aesthetics but functionality. Second, the extreme personalization of the experience, through the configuration of the peculiarities of the object. There is a third element that catches our attention: talking about essentiality, we can easily recognize the simple shapes of a square, a circle, a rectangle.

Lines are sober and with no frills, sometimes they retrieve tradition and propose it in a contemporary way. It is a reverential obsession for the past, that the critic Simon Reynolds defined as “Retromania”, in his famous book published in 2010, about music trends but adaptable to any form of expression and consumption of that decade.

The objects we selected for the last ten years tell us about all that.


There is the new “Fiat 500”, the restyling of an Italian icon that looks back at a glorious past, and reinterprets it a new and thrilling design that is impossible not to love.

We have the “Discovery” suspension lamp by Ernesto Gismondi for Artemide: a basic circular shape that unexpectedly lights up in its fullness, surprising the ones who look at it.

In 2016, the launch of “5MM” by Giampiero Castagnoli, Marco Fagioli, Emanuel Gargano for Rubinetterie3M. It is an essential and compact shape for taps that summarizes a technology that guarantees eco-sustainability and water saving.

Finally, we have chosen “Ascent” by Daniel Rybakken, a lamp with an ultra-minimalist design that redesigns the archetypes of the genre, in which conceptual refinement and freedom of choice are combined. The user can adjust the intensity of the emanated light in an innovative way.

Over the past years, Gaggia have listened to the spirit of times, and interpreted what customers requested. The focus has been on offering a wider range of high-quality coffee machines that could satisfy every need, giving an all-around tailored experience at home.

For the ones who wanted to unleash their inner barista at home, Gaggia launched the New Classic, which celebrates and honors tradition with its authentic design and professional features, for all the home baristas of the world. It was promptly followed by the Classic Color Vibes versions, available in 5 colors, to personalize one’s coffee corner even more. Then, for the lovers of automatic machines, Gaggia launched the highly appreciated Gaggia Cadorna and Magenta ranges, characterized by ample customization, wide variety of choice and easy interactions for the best user experience.

What about the future? We are still writing, and the ink is still a lot…Gaggia does not stop!

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