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Carlo Stanga for Gaggia

45 years of espresso at home

45 years of espresso at home
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A great story

A cup of espresso encloses years of stories, tales, and memories.

It was 1977 when Gaggia launched the first mass-produced espresso machine for home use: Baby Gaggia. It was a true revolution. From that moment on, the authentic Italian espresso experience could be lived at home, not only in bars and coffee shops.

Immediately, that little drink became iconic. It was a cultural object that crossed national borders, going all over the world, and became symbol of a lifestyle, a mood, a way to be. It’s the center of a daily ritual, performed by people who want to feel protagonists of an experience.

Our customers evolve too, and we stay close to them, in every step of this journey of discovery and experimentation.

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Starting from the company’s core, the espresso with crema, Gaggia creates scenarios everywhere around it, with new international drinks, multiple customization options, various systems to froth milk. Everything is thought and designed to offer the best experience ever to the contemporary Home Baristas!

The logo

Celebrative and impactful, the logo for the “45 years of espresso at home” tells of a wonderful journey. The more you look at it, the more details you discover.

We were looking for a visual language that could convey, support and spread our core messages and beliefs on the “espresso experience”, mixing it with what our Gaggia lovers taught us so far.


The perfect interpreter of this idea could be no other than Carlo Stanga, famous Italian artist and illustrator with a cosmopolitan soul, who collaborated with major brands and won international awards.


If you want to know more about him, we warmly suggest to check his IG profile and his bio.

The stories naturally flow from his pencil to paper, creating a logo that is a real work of art.

Here, the number 45 is a traditional old Milanese building, the so-called “ringhiera” house, paradigm of collective and community living.

Around it, a timeless city that mutates and grows, changes and moves in all directions, rising with skyscrapers that, just a few years ago, weren’t even there.


On the right, the typical Milanese tram, historical symbol of the city, running on a rail that leads to a modern electric car. It’s the graphic transposition of the company’s motto: continuously evolving tradition.


You can walk on different floors and enter, little by little, into the lives of the protagonists, with their personal emotions and rituals.


If you want to know more about the stories and symbols that are intertwined in this logo, follow us on our Instagram account @gaggiamilano and Facebook account @gaggiamilanoofficial !

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