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A more sustainable coffee: happy World Environment Day!

A more sustainable coffee: happy World Environment Day!
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A quick intro

Happy World Environment Day! Designated in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly during the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, it has been celebrated from 1974 on. Nowadays, it is a true platform for raising awareness on the theme, with more than 143 Countries partaking to it. The environment is a common, precious and unique good, and it is important to preserve it. Each action we make leads to a consequence, and it is crucial to protect what surrounds us. Now more than ever, we have to commit ourselves to spread awareness on this topic. We can promote good practices that can generate a positive impact. We need to start from small daily actions and habits, if we want to contribute to a change.

 An aware choice

In this view, even when we make coffee we can adopt a conscious and sustainable approach. How? We recommend to prefer fresh coffee beans, ground coffee, or paper pods. Undoubtedly, choosing coffee beans or ground coffee can reduce the ecological footprint as well as waste. Moreover, it is an economic solution. By choosing to use a Gaggia manual or fully automatic coffee machine, you are making an aware and quality choice. After an initial investment, in the medium-long period you can manage to save resources, even monetary ones. For instance, an espresso made with coffee beans or pre-ground coffee has a little price, if compared to other systems.

 Coffee pods

If you choose to use a manual espresso machine, also coffee paper pods are a valid option. They are practical single-serve doses, with a standard diameter of 44mm. They contain at least 7 grams of roasted, ground and pressed coffee, sealed between cellulose sheets, and they are completely recyclable. Other than being easy to use, paper pods are also ecological, because the material of the envelope is 100% plant-based. You can use paper pods with all Gaggia Milano manual machines that have a filter-holder. Be sure to use the adapter and the specific filter, and to follow the instructions on the user manual. In this way, you can easily obtain a good and eco-friendly espresso. Actually, once you brewed coffee, you can easily dispose the pod in the organic waste. Moreover, with fully compostable pods, you can give them a second life. They can become a zero-waste fertilizer for vegetables and for gardens.

Small steps for big changes

So, a simple habit such as making and enjoying coffee at home has an important impact that becomes even more relevant in the long period. That is why, in our small, we can rethink the way we act. We can change things and build a better future…one coffee at a time!


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