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Classic – Lobster Red

Classic – Lobster Red
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Maximilian, known as Max, is a charming and charismatic man, with an eclectic personality and a bold soul. He has a free and passionate spirit. He loves to immerse himself in every experience that life offers him. He has a unique, composite and multifaceted personality: he can be poetic and sensitive, but also rational and logical.Max is a traveler who finds inspiration in every corner of the world. Max is always looking for new experiences and adventures. Whether he is exploring ancient ruins in South America or immersed in the hustle and bustle of the streets of Tokyo.

Max loves details and believes they are what make life interesting. He often gets lost in his world, carefully observing every nuance, every sound, and every emotion that encounters offer.
His curious and open mindset always embraces news with enthusiasm, pushing himself to explore new horizons and embrace every possibility that life offers him.

Max’s life is energetic and vibrant. He is always surrounded by friends who enjoy his lively personality. Max has the ability to light up a room with his infectious smile and charming personality. He never does ordinary things, but he always has original and surprising ideas.

Max has clear ideas. For his home, he wanted a Gaggia Classic Energy Vibes EVO-Lobster Red, an exclusive color that brings him back to important childhood memories. For instance, mornings when his mother was preparing breakfast for the whole family like at the bar, but with the legendary BABY GAGGIA.

Red is a very important color for Max because also his old Vespa with which he crosses the streets of Milan when he is in Italy is red. Red is the color of the passion and the extraordinary energy that every day he manages to instill in his days. Days that never begin without the excellent hot coffee prepared by his machine, even if he often treats himself to a cappuccino by experimenting with the latte art techniques taught at the last Milano Coffee Festival by Cristian Tirro, President of the Italian Barista Academy.

Max’s main passion is photography. Every day he captures the beauty of the world through his lens, making fleeting moments eternal. With his camera, Max captures every detail that fascinates him, from the expression of an unknown face to the intricate lines of a breathtaking landscape. His ability to capture the essence of a moment with a single shot has made him an acclaimed photographer.

One night, during one of his travels, Max comes across an incredible red moon. Fascinated by this rarity, he decides to dedicate an entire series of photographs to this unique phenomenon. While searching for the perfect location to capture the red moon, Max discovers a small abandoned fishing village on the coast. His curiosity pushes him to explore the village and, in doing so, he meets Elena, a young and talented painter. The two artists immediately attract each other and begin to collaborate, merging their creativity and their passions.

Through their works, Max and Elena capture the essence of that special moon and the forgotten beauty of the village. The exhibition they organize becomes a great success and Max and Elena’s work is appreciated all over the world.

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