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Classic – Sunshine Yellow

Classic – Sunshine Yellow
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Each Classic Energy Vibes has its own personality, mood, world.

Veronica is a lively and enthusiastic woman, with a dynamic and curious attitude. She loves spending time outside, especially in the sun, as that light gives her energy and happiness. Her joy for living is contagious, and it is visible in her interactions with other people. She is very independent and grateful for her freedom.

Veronica lives in Milan, and she has a deep love for the city. She is attracted to its constant motion and the cosmopolitan atmosphere, as well as to its most ancient part, with art monuments, churches, places of interest with hundreds of years. She appreciates the urban culture and art, and she is always looking for new creative spaces. Her mind experiments new ideas, both in her private and work life.

When she is not driving her yellow vintage Fiat 500 for a quick trip outside the city, Veronica chooses the tram. Of course, she jumps only on the oldest ones, unforgotten symbols of Milan, with wooden seats. She likes observing the life buzzing around her, while going across the city.

Her passion for classics involves books too. She thinks it is fascinating to rediscover those timeless stories that could be reinterpreted in new and innovative ways.In a warm summer day in Milan, Veronica wakes up to the golden sunlight that peeps through the window of her room, and brightens it. To properly begin the day, she turns her beloved Gaggia Classic on, and her morning ritual starts.

She chose aGaggia Classic Energy Vibes EVO in the color that best suits her love for life and her active spirit: Sunshine Yellow.

Having this special moment for herself in the morning became something unique and important, a pleasant habit that gives her the desired boost of energy to face the day.

While sipping her coffee, she thinks about the creative projects she can develop, the books she would like to read and the travels she could enjoy. Her mind is full of ideas and she is feeling enthusiastic.

After enjoying her special coffee moment, she decides to go for a walk in the park, her favourite place to enjoy the sun. To reach her design studio, Veronica walks across some of the most famous places of interest in the city, and made the city known and appreciated worldwide. The Duomo, the Palazzo Reale (where she enjoyed many art exhibitions), the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery.

When she finishes the day, before heading to her home, she likes to stop by at Piazza della Scala. If the weather is nice, she sits on a bench and starts reading a book, surrounded by an enchanting atmosphere. While reading, she feels grateful for the possibility to live freely, so that every day is full of joy and discovery. Coffee after coffee.

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