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Carlo Stanga for Gaggia

Continuously evolving tradition

Continuously evolving tradition
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Since the beginning, Gaggia has established a profound bond with Milan. Not only because the founder was a Milanese barista, Achille Gaggia, who freed here his geniality, but, and most of all, because this city shares with the company the same way of being, becoming a source of inspiration.

Milan evolves and changes as no other city in Italy, but it is still able to preserve the beauty of past times. It runs fast, towards the future, but it can also wait, contemplating and honoring the past, in its streets and squares rich of history and works of art. It is touched and influenced by different trends and cultures, but it is attached to its foundations and proud of its roots.

Here, new modern palaces, huge glass windows buildings and constructions by famous archistar live together next to the railing houses, the 60s condos, the liberty façades, the marvelous ancient courtyards, hidden as they were magic gardens.

On the street, an orange tram – a moving monument always numbered among the symbols of the city – runs on its rails next to an electric car, going somewhere.

Passengers observe the faces around them while the tram crosses the city, with its lights and shadows that open and close, following the passing of the days.

All around, mesmerized tourists, workers in a rush, exploring youngsters, nostalgic old people looking on the streets at things that are not there anymore, and at things that were not there yesterday.

The tram runs on the rails every day as it is on a timeline. Everything meets, merges, melts. It is transported, moved and passed. It is a “continuously evolving tradition”: you honora the past, you live the present and the future is an opportunity. Just as for Gaggia, that takes that claim as its motto, and make people live bespoke home barista experiences with products built on years of expertise and a unique heritage, shaped on the users’ new needs and on contemporary trends, thinking of the home baristas of the future.

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