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The Gaggia Espresso series

The Gaggia Espresso series
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The Gaggia Espresso series
The authentic Italian espresso at the comfort of your home.
Gaggia has launched a new series of manual coffee machines: Gaggia Espresso. Innovation and tradition come together in these machines, thought for the ones who are approaching the world of espresso at home. This new series represents the essential for coffee at home, ensuring trustworthiness, quality and design…all 100% Made in Italy.

Different models, one soul
Entirely designed and manufactured in Italy, the Espresso series is composed of different models: Style, Deluxe and Evolution, available in various colors. They differ from one another for finishing, materials and design details. On the other hand, the technical features – that make them stand out in the market, and the perfect choice for the beginner home baristas – are the same for all models. Let’s discover them all.


Precise control of the temperature with the P.I.D.
A feature that is worth mentioning is the P.I.D. system. This acronym stands for Proportional, Integrate, Derivative, and refers to a system that allows a precise control and adaptation of the boiler temperature.
Unlike traditional thermostats, the P.I.D. guarantees a stable temperature when coffee is brewing, and even during milk frothing.

Automatic pre-infusion for a more intense aroma
Thanks to the automatic pre-infusion, water stays in contact with the ground coffee in the filter (or with the pod) for a few seconds before brewing. This allows a better release of the coffee aromas, and a unique and wide sensory experience at every sip.

Stainless-steel double-wall filters
The new stainless-steel double-wall filters with a 53mm diameter ensure espressos with an authentic taste, whether you use ground coffee or a pod. The biggest filter is suitable to prepare two cups of ground coffee and contains up to 16 grams of ground coffee (which is about 2 measuring spoons). The other filter, which is a bit smaller, can be used to make a single espresso with one measuring spoon of ground coffee, or with a pod (by placing on top of it the specific rubber tool).

Pod System
Gaggia Espresso is thought to give you the taste of an authentic Italian espresso with single-serve coffee pods. Thanks to the specific filter and the POD System (which consists in a special rubber tool to place
on the pod), the adherence of the pod is improved, and the result is guaranteed.

Improved milk frothing
The better stability of the steam jet and the wider range of motion of the pannarello contribute to an overall improvement of the performances when frothing milk. If you love to have a cappuccino or a latte, the new Espresso series will guarantee a great milk frothing.

Optimized filter-holder for an even tamping
The design of the new filter-holder ensures an even tamping as, when put on a flat surface, it stays in a horizontal position. Moreover, it has an ergonomic handle with a premium touch & feel. Solid materials and

Memo function: your preferred espresso
With the memo function you can easily save the extraction time of your espresso to find it at every other use.

Gaggia New Espresso Style
Gaggia New Espresso Evolution
Gaggia New Espresso Deluxe


100% Truly Italian design
The Gaggia Espresso series was designed with great passion in Italy, and is manufactured with care at the Gaggio Montano factory, in the province of Bologna. This gives the machine an unmistakable personality, in addition to the highest quality. These machines encapsulate the Italian soul in the production and design process, a tangible recognition of Gaggia’s quality, attention to detail and dedication.
Furthermore, the “Made in Italy” brand is directly imprinted on each of the Espresso machines.

Where your home barista experience begins
In conclusion, the new Espresso range by Gaggia is truly an open window on the authentic Italian espresso experience. With a compact and contemporary design, unrivaled quality and the reliability which are typical of the brand, these machines are the ideal choice for those looking to bring home the taste and tradition of Italian coffee. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced coffee enthusiast, the Espresso range will guide you in creating extraordinary cups of coffee, bringing you closer to the art of being a true Home Barista, with ease and great passion.

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