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Gaggia Magenta: Free your contemporary home barista spirit!

Gaggia Magenta: Free your contemporary home barista spirit!
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We are glad to introduce you to our newest fully automatic espresso machine range: Gaggia Magenta.100% designed and Made in Italy, this line includes three models: Magenta Prestige, MAGENTA MILK and MAGENTA PLUS, thought to satisfy the needs of different customers.

Design and interface

These machines are characterized by an elegant and contemporary design, with clean lines, that makes them stand out in every kitchen. On the black bodywork, a red detail, that is like a fil rouge that identifies all the latest full automatic Gaggia machines.

Thanks to a wide interface with capacitive buttons, the user experience is simple and immediate. All functions are on the same screen for an improved visibility. The machine guides you through the various procedures in the easiest way with clear instructions.

Milk systems and available beverages

The three models have different milk systems. Gaggia Magenta Prestige is equipped with a comfortable integrated carafe, Magenta Milk has the CAPPinCUP system with the new external glass carafe, while Magenta Plus has a professional steam wand. The latter is a really unique feature, that makes the Plus model even more special. This milk solution is thought for everyone who wants to relive, at home, the traditional barista rituals, even with an automatic machine.

Every model has a different number of pre-set beverages. With Prestige you can brew up to 12 beverages, at the touch of a button, with the Milk model you can select up to nine, while Plus has a 5-drinks menu. All beverages are customizable and memorizable according to one’s preferences.

The espresso tray

Another distinctive feature is the stainless steel espresso tray. It is an amazing extra feature to ensure perfect espresso anytime. In order to obtain a homogeneous crema layer, with no splashes while brewing, just take it and place it with a simple gesture, at the correct height. Adjust the coffee spouts and click to dispense your espresso. Then, to brew drinks that require taller cups, just take it out and put it back at its place.

Get ready!

To get more details, please visit the dedicated product pages on our website. Get ready to free your contemporaryhome barista spirit!

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