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#MyEspressoMoments: Alessandro Zaccaro

#MyEspressoMoments: Alessandro Zaccaro
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Our #MyEspressoMoments column continues: another content creator, a photographer, a creative.
And his coffee moment.
With him, our new Espresso machine.

#MyEspressoMoments, our aromatic adventure.

Alessandro Zaccaro

Here we are, immersed in the visual and creative world of Alessandro Zaccaro, the soul of Based in Foligno, in the heart of Italy, Alessandro is a content creator, photographer, and videomaker whose suitcase is always ready for new adventures around the world. His mission? To capture inspirations, grasp suggestions, seize stimuli; and he does this during his travels or while preparing recipes. Finally, he filters and distills everything into exciting visual stories through photos, videos, and creative content.

Indeed, he defines himself as a “distiller” of experiences, transforming every place visited and every dish prepared into visual works of art. A “cook” of life, who has brought his “recipes” into his professional dimension: in fact, he collaborates with agencies, companies, and tourism entities to create structured social media marketing campaigns rich in multimedia content on themes such as food, travel, and lifestyle.

Through his interview, we will discover the secrets of a content creator who transforms the everyday into a visual stage. So, here is the fascinating world of Alessandro Zaccaro, where images intertwine with the taste of exploration and creation. Tasty creation generated by our new Gaggia Espresso.

Interview with Alessandro Zaccaro

Alessandro Zaccaro

Foligno (PG)

Photographer, Videomaker, Content creator, Teacher of Social Media Marketing ℅ Umbra Institue of Perugia

What does coffee time represent for you? Do you prefer it alone or in company?
Coffee time represents an important step in my day for me.
It is the moment that allows me to clear my head in the morning and concentrate on my work in the afternoon.
I definitely prefer to experience it with the right company to make it even more special.

What is your favourite coffee drink? E.g. espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, shakerato, iced.
Espresso is definitely my favourite drink.
It represents a unique moment of conviviality. A moment neither too long nor too short but one that allows you to take a break at the right moment.

Name one adjective that identifies your coffee ritual
Creative, in my opinion the basis of creativity must necessarily be sharing.

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