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#MyEspressoMoments: Federica Maiolo

#MyEspressoMoments: Federica Maiolo
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#MyEspressoMoments: face to face with some prominent influencers to explore their relationship with coffee and understand how they live their coffee moment. With them, our new espresso machines.

Behind the scenes the life of personalities who already share their experiences online, but who will tell us what that cup of passion means to them.

Through lively interviews we will understand how coffee integrates into their days, influencing their habits, contributing to their inspirations, giving charge to their routines and momentum for their creativity. We will take you to the coffee makers rituals of people who carry coffee in their hearts and share with the world their unique bond with this precious democratic drink.

From a conversation about coffee and cappuccinos we will enter into the nuances of the life of these influential characters, revealing their passion for important taste experiences, whether they are traditional or original.

These are the stories of those who transform the daily routine of a sip of coffee into a new experience, through the perfect combination of coffee and life.

Welcome to #MyEspressoMoments, an aromatic adventure.

Federica Maiolo

Federica Maiolo is a true art director, with a feverish and creative mind, co-founder of @theeventfvg and @theeventtravel, two platforms dedicated respectively to the creation of events and communication, with a focus on the territory of Friuli Venezia Giulia; and to the other – no less creative and smart – to the organization of unforgettable trips. His life is an addictive mix of creativity, travel, exploration, ideas and of course coffee. Coffee, maybe experienced in every city that crosses.

As a light and carefree traveller, but no less profound, Federica is always looking for the perfect coffee experience, in her taste journey through the different cultures and traditions of the world. His adventures are sensory discoveries in which every sip of coffee becomes a page of a living diary, a blog, a catalogue.

Federica has cultivated the passion to find unique stories in every situation, offering them the opportunity of memorability with his shots.
Each cup of coffee is a chapter in his visual book, a way to capture not only the taste, but also the soul of places and people.

Here is the universe of Federica, the combination of her creativity, her thirst for travel and her passion for coffee. Through her interview, we will discover how these three dimensions intertwine in her life, making each day a multisensory adventure. Welcome to the world of Federica Maiolo, where coffee is a source of continuous inspiration. And the inspiration is supported by the new Gaggia Espresso.

Interview with Federica Maiolo

Federica Maiolo

Pordenone (PN)

Content Creator

What does coffee time represent for you? Do you prefer it alone or in company?
Coffee time is the most important part of the day, I prefer it alone in the morning listening to music or simply in silence.

What is your favourite coffee drink? E.g. espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, shakerato, iced.

Name one adjective that identifies your coffee ritual

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