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#MyEspressoMoments: Frollemente

#MyEspressoMoments: Frollemente
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Our #MyEspressoMoments column continues: a creative couple who have created a brilliant reality.
How do they live their coffee moment?
Let’s find out by reading this interesting interview.

#MyEspressoMoments, our aromatic adventure.


Frollemente, born from the union of creativity and passion in 2018, is the brainchild of Lucia Iannone and Claudiu Frasiloaia. This dynamic duo specialises in creating photographic and video content for companies and small businesses, offering a unique service in telling stories in an authentic way.

Their main passion lies in food photography, product photography and commercial photography, but Frollemente’s keen eye also extends to the world of travel, blending harmoniously with culinary storytelling. Lucia, originally from Apulia, is the creative mind for Food Photography and Styling. Claudiu, of Romanian origin and resident in Italy for more than 15 years, is the man behind the scenes, deus ex machina of the technological and electronic behind-the-scenes aspects. He works with Lucia to offer the best solutions for developing work and projects. Together, they are the beating heart of Frollemente.

So let’s get to know better the universe of Frollemente, where coffee is comfort, friendship, bonding. Values that are also a perfect match for Gaggia’s new line of manual Espresso machines.

Interview with Frollemente

Lucia Iannone and Claudiu Frasiloaia


Photographers/Video Makers

What does coffee time represent for you? Do you prefer it alone or in company?
For us, coffee time is a pampering moment that we love to share with each other but also with friends. It is a bonding agent, an excuse to get together with dear friends whom we haven’t met for a long time. It is a ritual, a daily mantra. A time when we unplug completely and enjoy a moment of peace from the grind of work.

What is your favourite coffee drink? E.g. espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, shakerato, iced.
Claudiu likes to drink hot, flat white cappuccinos with lots of foam, I, Lucia, am more basic: I like espresso, preferably ristretto!

Name one adjective that identifies your coffee ritual
If we had to describe our coffee rituals with an adjective, we would say: comfortable.
At any time of day, coffee rituals are about comfort and cuddling, chatting and sharing. So everything that makes one feel good and therefore, comforts!

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