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Carlo Stanga for Gaggia

Take your time

Take your time
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Giorgia is always in a rush, but if you need her, just ask! She likes helping others, but she takes care of herself too. Every time she finishes her shift at the hospital, a cappuccino is her sacred ritual, no matter what time it is.

In that moment, Giorgia is not available for anybody. It is time to take a deep breath, set all the thoughts aside and let herself be cuddled by aromas and flavours.

Stefano has just come back home but, seeing her girlfriend on the balcony holding her favourite mug, he goes away and lets her enjoy that little moment.

According to the philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “Rituals can be defined as symbolic installation techniques in a house. They transform ‘being in the world’ in ‘being in a home’. They make the world a reliable place. They make time livable”.

We can see a ritual as “living the time” or, better, as living one’s own time. In other words, it means a portion of time for oneself, to stop and to remind us who we are, what we like, what is important for us. A few healthy “pit stops” in everyday’s hectic daily routine, a service station, a oasis in the desert, a floater in the ocean. Small but big yet intense moments that allow us to overcome stressful periods, and put everything back in its place, to find balance, while giving us the safety that sometimes we lose.

Do you know what really makes us feel good? The preparation of that moment itself, pre-tasting the opportunity to reconnect with one’s internal world, to take back an everyday more precious resource: time. Our time.

Giorgia knows it, and in an historical period in which we rush, we run, and we are tired because of full days, the protagonist of our story wanted to stop for a moment and ask herself: “What do I really need now?”. “I need myself” – she could think. And it means also needing what makes a day more serene, and to relax for a moment, leaving the mind with no thoughts.

Tomorrow it will be a new day, other challenges and other things to do. But not now. Now, it’s time for myself.

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