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THE COOKING HOME BARISTA: the panettone pops

THE COOKING HOME BARISTA: the panettone pops
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Ever-present on Italian tables during Christmas holiday, panettone is way more than a cake. It is a symbol!

Originally from Milan, it is a sweet and soft leavened bread, with a recognizable “cupola” shape. Nowadays, it is possible to find the most different versions on the market, but its original taste is truly unique. It is a special mix of candied orange and citron, raisins, butter and vanilla. A must try. It is perfect to enjoy while sipping your after-lunch espresso, or while having a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon, or even dipped into your breakfast cappuccino.

If you are looking for an alternative way to taste this Italian classic, here’s the recipe for you: the panettone pops! Just follow this easy recipe and make these sweet treats for your family and friends.


To make about 10 panettone pops, you will need panettone, of course (almost 250 grams), a cup of espresso, a pinch of ground coffee, 200 grams of dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons of mascarpone cheese, 1 teaspoon and a half of caster sugar or cane sugar, and some dried coconut flakes.


The cake pops

Crumble the panettone with your hands, in a bowl. In another bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of mascarpone cheese and 1,5 teaspoons of sugar with 1 Gaggia espresso (cold). Add the mixture to the panettone crumbs and mix well. Roll into 10 balls and place them on a tray. Let them rest into the fridge for about 1 hour.

The frosting

Make the frosting by mixing 200 grams (7 oz) of melted dark chocolate and a pinch of ground coffee for a more aromatic taste. We suggest to use Gaggia Espresso Arabica. Dip the panettone pops into the frosting.

The decorations

When the chocolate frosting is still sticky, sprinkle the balls with coconut flakes. Insert a wooden stick into each panettone pop, serve and enjoy!

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