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The home barista

The most loved coffee and milk beverages: at home, as in a coffee shop.

The most loved coffee and milk beverages: at home, as in a coffee shop.
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Not only espresso: there are many more types of coffee in the world. From ristretto to cappuccino, from latte macchiato to flat white, how many of us would like to enjoy them every day, at home? Starting from here, with the aim to satisfy the most various tastes, Gaggia created a new range of fully auto machines. With Gaggia Cadorna, you can have a coffee shop at home.

The four models – Prestige, Milk, Plus e Style – can prepare many coffee and milk-based beverages, all at your fingertips. In a few clicks, it is possible to brew them according to the traditional pre-set recipes, or to personalize and memorize them in the four user profiles.

From the Italian barista tradition, to France and Australia, let’s discover together the characteristics of the 14 beverages that you can make with Cadorna. Get ready for a coffee experience “at home, as in a coffee shop”.

The ultimate home barista experience: let’s discover the most famous coffee and milk-based drinks…and much more!

Coffee, milk, hot water: three simple ingredients formany beverages.



“Ristretto” is the Italian for “reduced”, and, actually, this drink can be defined as a “small espresso”. Usually, it is prepared with a fine ground blend, and the extraction time is shortened, compared to the classic espresso. In just 30 ml, you can taste a strong, decisive and more concentrated flavour. Anyway, opposite to what many believe, ristretto has a lower caffeine content than a normal espresso. In fact, as water does not stay in contact with ground coffee for a long time, less caffeine is released into the cup.



A drink with a rich and full aroma, characterized by a hazelnut layer of “crema naturale” (naturalcream) on top. This is the perfect description for the authentic Italian espresso, invented by Achille Gaggia and now beloved all over the world. The tradition says that it should be served in a small cup, usually a ceramic one. The standard quantity is around 40 ml, and the extraction time is between 25 and 30 seconds. Amongst all kinds of coffee that you can enjoy at a bar, espresso is definitely the most known and appreciated. A true symbol of the Italian culture.


Espresso lungo

“Lungo” is the Italian for “long”. As the name says, the extraction time is extended, compared to the classic espresso. The result is an 80 ml drink with a more dense and intense flavor, rich in caffeine. It is perfect for the ones who like to start the day with an energy shot! Then, if the taste is too strong for you, with Gaggia Cadorna you can easily balance it by adjusting the aroma to a lighter option.



A beverage with a lighter and more delicate taste. Usually, it is 120 ml long, and thus needs to be served in a medium-sized cup. It is ideal to sip with calm, in order to appreciate its various organoleptic nuances.



A must for American and British people, the “Americano” can now be found almost everywhere in the world. It is perfect to sip during a brunch, with both salty and sweet food. Gaggia Cadorna prepares it by adding 110 ml of hot water to an espresso. In this way, by brewing water only in a second moment, the taste and aroma of coffee are fully enhanced and exalted.



If you have been to Italy, we are sure you have tried this true classic. With Gaggia Cadorna, you can appreciate the same flavor also at home, with one click! First, the machine brews an espresso and then it dispenses hot frothed milk. A few seconds and they will slightly blend, leaving an incredible foamy texture on the surface. Now, it’s time to taste: if you close your eyes, you will feel like in an Italian coffee bar!


Cappuccino XL

A larger version of the classic cappuccino. Gaggia’s recipe includes more coffee than the standard version (80 ml, a double espresso) and more milk (180 ml), for a neverending pleasure! Perfect for a special breakfast.


Cafè cortado

It is said that this special coffee comes from Spain or Argentina. It owes its name to the fact that is “cut” (cortado, in Spanish, means “cut”) with a small quantity of warm milk. Usually, it is served in a small glass cup with a metal handle. It is particularly appreciated in Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. It is enjoyed during various moments of the day.


Flat white

Originally from Australia, this hot drink is composed by a double espresso (80 ml) and equal quantity of frothed milk. As the milk stays liquid and not very compact, it blends with coffee. This beverage is usually served in a tall glass.


Cafè au lait

Symbol of the French tradition, it is perfect for a sweet break. Equal parts of coffee (90 ml) and hot milk, with no foam, are blended together for a unique taste. It is usually served in a big cup, paired with butter biscuits and typical French puff pastries.


Frothed milk

Characterized by a compact and steady cream, with a velvety texture. It can be used to prepare other beverages, or it can be enjoyed simply as it is.


Latte macchiato

Another Italian classic, ever-present in many Italian bars, and nowadays beloved worldwide. Milk – 240 ml, according to Gaggia’s recipe – is frothed and brewed, followed by an espresso. In order to appreciate the beautiful nuances of this beverage, we suggest to use a tall transparent glass. In this way, you will see three different layers – hot milk, coffee and milk froth on top – just slightly blended.


Latte macchiato XL

A doubly delicious version of the traditional latte macchiato, with bigger quantities of coffee and milk.


Hot water

Last but not least, hot water. All Gaggia Cadorna machines can dispense it, so you can make infusions, teas and instant beverages. No limits to your creativity!

With a Gaggia Cadorna machine, you can make impressive coffee and milk-based beverages in the best and easiest way.

Depending on the model, the drinks menu changes. Cadorna Prestige offers up to 14 beverages – all the ones listed above. Cadorna Milk has 10 different ones, and both Plus and Style offer 6 pre-set drinks. Then, you can decide to modify the recipes according to your personal preferences, and save them in the four profiles. It is just like having a coffee shop, in the comfort of your home. Pick your favourite drink and enjoy a unique and tailored coffee experience.

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