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Truly Italian

Truly Italian – BALANCE – EVE Ensemble

Truly Italian – BALANCE – EVE Ensemble
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Harmony in music comes from a collection of elements combined with balance, a perfect equilibrium that expresses itself in a sort of musical alchemy that requires knowledge and sensitivity.

The pleasure coming from executing and the bliss originating from listening are the emotional responses to this balance. It is not easy to find, but the protagonists of this story committed to this challenge. The EVE Ensemble is a group made up of three youngsters: Elena Poleni, a cellist, Elena Vittoria Vincifori Troili, who plays violin, and Virginia Genovese, soprano, who first met at the Conservatorio Gaetano Donizetti in the city of Bergamo.

Elena Poleni wanted to study piano at first, but she was immediately caught by the rich and mellow sound of the cello. She thinks of herself playing harmoniously with other musicians, more than solo that, she says, “doesn’t fit her personality”.

“Music makes me feel good” – she tells us – “To feel the instrument, to have it in your hands, it is a satisfying physical sensation”.

It is even better when one’s art gets together with other people’s arts.

On the other hand, Elena Vincifori’s goal is to start a solo career in music. Anyways, she likes playing with other musicians, being part of ensembles and orchestras. In this way, she feels active part of a collective act of creation, where all instruments contribute to enrich the sound and the beauty of execution. Her passion arose when she was young: she was only 5 years old when she grabbed with her hands a violin for the very first time.

The same happened to Virginia Genovese, who decided to dedicate her life to singing at a young age. She juggles the vocal harmonies of opera singing and the undeniable team spirit among musicians. For her, it is inevitable to create an interdependency with others, “because you have to create a bond to instruments”. Her instrument is voice because “it is the most immediate form of expression, and it originates directly from you. You are your own instrument” and opera is her favorite environment, “because it’s an art that combines various forms of expression – theater, music, poetry, scenography – and it is what represents me the most”.

Between rehearsals, to balance the efforts, commitment and dedication, there is always time for a break, to rejuvenate with a nice espresso or with a warm and creamy cappuccino. So, this moment becomes an occasion to meet, socialize, know each other, and personalities and attitudes get together in harmony.

It is with balance, which is the correct proportion and combination of different elements and parts, that it is possible to create a peaceful coordination among sounds and personalities…just as they were the ingredients of a coffee made to perfection.

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