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Truly Italian in the world

Truly Italian in The World: Berlin

Truly Italian in The World: Berlin
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Berlin as a canvas

Berlin, the vibrant capital of Germany, is a city where history, art, culture, trends and experiments mix in a unique and multi-faceted palette of colours.

Despite the deep scars of its tumultuous past, Berlin has redefined its identity with strokes of creativity and modernity.

In the heart of the city, the Brandenburg Gate stands majestically, illuminated at night by a golden light that makes its architectural details shine. This symbolic monument is the starting point of a chromatic journey through the streets of Berlin.

The central district of Mitte, with its historic buildings and art galleries, is a mix of shades that vary from the brick red of the building facades to the intense green of the trees along the Spree River. Cobbled streets lead to Prenzlauer Berg, a bohemian neighborhood where colorful graffiti adorns the buildings, creating an atmosphere of lively eccentricity.

Alternative neighbourhoods, such as Kreuzberg, are teeming with nightlife. Here, building facades are painted with bold murals that tell stories of protest and freedom. Multi-coloured markets, such as the Boxhagener Platz Market, add a wash of vibrant tones and international flavours, creating a complete sensory experience.

And then the Wall, once a symbol of division, today is a work of art open to the world and the sky; street artists have transformed the remains into a multicolored monument, where each piece tells a unique story of hope, peace and reunification.

And the green? The Tempelhofer Feld, the former Tempelhof Airport, is now a vast city park that contrasts with the gray asphalt of the city.

The city is illuminated by artificial lights in the nocturnal kaleidoscope of the modern architecture of Potsdamer Platz, with its skyscrapers and its neon lights which are a projection of the future.

It is not difficult to immerse yourself in these thousand nuances and find your place: the Berlin atmosphere is an experience that involves all the senses, including the palate. And what better way to enjoy the richness of Berlin than with a good latte macchiato enriched by the scent of a carefully prepared espresso?

White was just missing from our palette, like the pure white of Gaggia Classic Polar White, which also becomes the color of the opportunity to create a perfect moment of pleasure and sharing, at home… but also outside.

Thus, walking the streets of Kreuzberg with a latte in hand, freshly made at home and brought with us to enjoy while walking, becomes part of this harmony of nuances.

Moments of pleasure with Gaggia Classic Polar White are not only an opportunity to sip a delicious latte macchiato “on the go”, but also become an excuse to share stories, laughter and emotions with friends at home, while outside the window we hear the lively voices of Prenzlauer Berg.

A mix of authentic encounters, words and discoveries, laughter and heartbeats that are lost in the Berlin air, like verses of a lieder, while we enjoy our favorite freshly prepared drinks in the comfort of our home.

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