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Carlo Stanga for Gaggia

Your bar at home

Your bar at home
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The matinée at La Scala has just ended and Mrs. Serenella is heading back to the refined building in which she lives, located in the elegant Corso Venezia area in Milan. She closes the door behind her and walks to the kitchen. There is an automatic coffee machine on display, next to the stove, shining under the light that comes through the window.

She barely touches it when a man in a sophisticated uniform, with a gentle look, appears in front of her. “Good morning, Serenella. The usual?”

“Yes, but we have guests today. Virginia and Maria Sole are coming!”

“Don’t worry: the usual cappuccino for you, a café au lait and an americano. Is that okay?”

“That’s perfect! Save these beverages for the next time, please”.

When her friends arrive, the mysterious man has already disappeared without leaving a trace, like a genie who returned to his lamp after fulfilling a wish. 

“How is it possible, Serenella, that we left the theater just a while ago, and everything here is already on the table? Is this a bar?”

The landlady smiles with pleasure. “You know, dear… I’ve brought the bar at home, with me!”


Click on the video and let the magic happen!

Serenella’s secret has its roots in 1977, when a real revolution happened. It was when Gaggia launched Baby Gaggia, the first domestic espresso machine produced on a large scale.

An old billboard defined it “the Barcaffè”, a word that represent Achille Gaggia’s idea to take the espresso of the bar to the houses…first in Italy and then abroad. An ambitious but very impactful project.

Starting from the espresso, nowadays Gaggia opens the doors to a universe made of international beverages, multiple customization options and possibilities. 

Today, the “bar at home” is ready to satisfy the specific choices of everybody.

It offers new ways to create bespoke experiences, to try groundbreaking solutions, to choose your own declination of pleasure, to customize each detail with utmost care. From the type of the blend to the grinding, from the quantity of each beverage to the temperature of coffee, from the type of system to froth milk, to the intensity of the aroma. From the traditional espresso to the americano, the flat white, the ristretto, the latte macchiato. Everything is at your fingertips, guided and immediate.

It’s like there is a hidden genie, ready to fulfill each one’s request. 

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