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85 years of heritage

85 years of heritage: 2023 – …

85 years of heritage: 2023 – …
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In the previous posts, we had the opportunity to discover the history of Gaggia, since when the founder, Achille Gaggia, started dreaming in 1938.

Through Andrea De Santis’ illustrations, we could retrace the brand milestones, from the first revolutionary patents, to the first espresso machines, to the diffusion of the authentic Italian espresso with crema naturale in coffee shops.

We traveled overseas to witness the growth of the brand all over the world; we saw the opening of the historic production plant in the city of Robecco sul Naviglio, and the launch of the first espresso machines for home use, that became symbol of a new culture.

Then, the launch of the iconic Classic, and the start of the business of fully automatic machines. Most recently, Gaggia began a new era, with new Made in Italy products and accessories, and the reinterpretation of the brand identity through the latest digital communication means, to create a real community.

Always by the side of the user, Gaggia has evolved over time, staying true to its roots and the one-of-a-kind history, and speaking with interest to the “everyday home barista” who wants to learn with curiosity, experiment, to live bespoke coffee experiences…just as the ones we offer.

This long journey, illustrated by De Santis’ drawings, takes us floor after floor, to get to what we can define a window on present times and on the future.

This last step pays homage to the company’s past, represented with a vintage Gaggia professional machine, the “mod. Internazionale”, also known as “sardines can” for its recognizable shape.

The scene takes life when this “tin” opens: inside, we can find a conductor holding a coffee spoon in his hand. This is a powerful image that represents the harmony and balance among the single parts, components, character, as in an orchestra, where everyone plays its role.

The conductor stands on an espresso cup, symbolizing the essence of coffee itself, while in front of him there are the latest Gaggia machines.

Each of them is like a musician in an orchestra, everyone with its specific role, ready to contribute to the creation of the perfect symphony, our Made in Italy offer: a full range of espresso machines to meet the preferences and needs of the most diverse customers.

Our eyes go to the “button room”, that represents the world of the factory, beating heart of the company. Here, the innovation is the gear, and past and present blend to shape the future. Just a drive, and the newest Gaggia creation is about to be brought to the orchestra.

This is the way in which Gaggia honors its past while inviting the future.

We cannot but seeing the Italian cockades. These details are a distinctive sign, a symbol of Gaggia’s pride to be Truly Italian, designing and producing everything in Italy. It is a declaration of quality and passion, visible in each aspect of what we do. We grow and innovate, while keeping our feet on the ground, in our legacy, our roots. A legacy that is not only ours, but it is of everybody who loved and loves espresso. 85 years of dreams, hard work, expertise, professionality, search and Made in Italy quality that keeps evolving to guide the home baristas of today…and of the future.

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