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Gaggia e Casamenù

Authentic home rituals – Gaggia & Casamenu

Authentic home rituals – Gaggia & Casamenu
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Authentic home rituals

Starting from one of the company values, authenticity, Gaggia created a new project – HOME RITUALS – in collaboration with Casamenu by Cristina Galliena and Francesca Martinez, with the stylist Barbara Mantovani.

Casamenu is a creative and inspirational project: through consulting, photography and design, Cristina and Francesca describe the kitchen as a special space to decor, a sort of menu to write, where all the ingredients contribute to make it unique and unrepeatable. Food is an object but also a background for this conceptual platform: the ideas expressed in each menu – that changes and gets richer every time – highlight the livability of the kitchen under a point of view of functionality and innovation. Two principles that are part of both Casamenu and Gaggia’s ways of thinking. Then, a focus on harmony, aesthetics and beauty is inevitable, of course: Barbara Mantovani, stylist and art director of Moi et Toi, is in charge of the set.

Gaggia Milano - Casamenù
Gaggia Milano - Casamenù
Gaggia Milano - Casamenù

Through a visual project and intimate and detailed interviews carried by Casamenu, we will explore the home and work spaces of the protagonists, highlighting how the living space is a representation of the personality who designed, decorated and lives it.

In these tales, coffee takes part in a unique, authentic and distinctive ritual.

We will discover how design of spaces, art, ways of living and personal choices intertwine to originate ways that define our days.

The selected characters for this project will open the doors of their houses and worlds, to let us explore their kitchens, places where creativity, technology and design come together to create daily moments of joy.

We will understand how the choice of a specific espresso machine, a particular coffee blend, or a certain way to serve and enjoy coffee could be the expression of a philosophy of life.

Gaggia Milano & Casamenu
Gaggia Milano & Casamenu
Gaggia Milano & Casamenu

With “Home Rituals”, Gaggia, Casamenu and Barbara Mantovani celebrate the authenticity of living and the importance of the kitchen as a living space to decor and to enrich with experience, while opening doors on inner worlds and sharing anecdotes on outstanding design pieces, special works of art, curiosities and daily routines, such as a coffee ritual.

The first guests of Home Rituals are Alberto Artesani and Frederik De Wachter, creative duo who founded, in 2005, the DWA Design Studio, a multidisciplinary interior design reality. You can find them on Instagram at DWA Design Studio (@dwa_design_studio)

Rossella Cardone is the second guest of Home Rituals. She is an engineer and an architect from Puglia, Italy, with a strong predilection for renovation and interior design. She is a creative mind who likes to follow her projects from the very start to the final realization. (Rossella Cardone Studio on Instagram, @acasadiro).

The third guest of HOME RITUALS is the talented freelance illustrator Alessandro Gottardo, author – among the others – of the celebrative drawing for the 25th anniversary of the Gaggia automatic machines.
He lives in Milan with his wife and daughter, in a house he bought and renovated with great passion. His home is a bright and functional space, reflecting his creativity and attention to design, that are particularly evident in his open kitchen and studio.


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