Gran Gaggia Style

15 BAR PUMP The perfect pressure to obtain the creamiest espressos
REMOVABLE WATER TANK Practical and ergonomic for daily use, it’s easy to remove and refill
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Gran Gaggia Style


The perfect pressure to obtain a beautiful and dense layer of crema naturale on the top of all your espressos.


Compact and ergonomic design. Available in black or white.


Unleash your inner barista and prepare delicious milk-based specialties by frothing milk in a few seconds or dispense hot water for teas and infusions.


Gran Gaggia Style comes with a filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee and a special filter for pods, if you prefer pre-dosed coffee.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Tech Info


Pressurised filter-holder
Hot water/steam dispenser
Colors available


Hot water
Ground coffee
Coffee pods
Pump pressure
15 bar
Filters included
2 (1-2 CUPS, "crema perfetta" PRESSURISED PODS)


Capacity water tank
1 l
Simultaneously brewing of 2 coffee cups


Descaling cycle
Water filter compatibility


Product dimensions (L x H x D)
20 x 29,7 x 26,5 cm
Product Weight
Group and filter-holder
Drip tray


Automatic stand-by
Power supply
230-240V 50Hz 1025W


Included accessories
ground coffee doser/tamper
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Gran Gaggia Style
What is the difference between a manual and a superautomatic espresso machine?

If you’d like to relive the traditional barista’s rituals at home and be the protagonist of your espresso, a manual machine is the best choice. Learning how to make an impeccable espresso requires care and practice, but it is definitely worth it. Thanks to the pannarello, you can also prepare creamy cappuccinos and experiment the “latte art” easily, as well as dispense water for teas and infusions. In this way, you will have a personal “coffee corner” at your home. If you prefer to obtain excellent results in a fast way, a superautomatic machine is what suits you the best. Just by pressing a button, it makes espresso, cappuccino and other hot beverages that can be customized as you prefer in a few easy steps. Moreover, the integrated grinder lets you have freshly ground coffee at every use.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Which are the technologic differences between the traditional and the pressurized filter-holders?

The pressurized “crema perfetta” filter-holder guarantees and keeps the right pressure to get perfect in-cup results anytime, regardless your level of expertise. While the traditional filter-holder has the same size, ring and style of the professional ones, thus it requires more practice, ability and care for all the involved elements. By paying attention to all details of the barista’s ritual – from the type of blend to the grinding, from the pressure used for tamping to the correct position of the filter-holder in the group – you will obtain an authentic espresso, like the one you taste in an Italian bar.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Can I use pods?

The Gaggia manual espresso machines offer the possibility to use paper pods. To get a good in-cup result, it is fundamental to follow the procedure illustrated in the instruction booklet. Be sure to use the correct filter (traditional filter for 1 cup) and standard pods (44mm).

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Gran Gaggia Style
How can I make a traditional Italian espresso?

1. Choose the blend you like the most and be sure that it is an high quality selection.
2. If you decide to use coffee beans, grind them at the right size: not too coarse (or water will flow too fast) and not too fine (or water will not flow)
3. Insert the “crema perfetta” filter for ground coffee in the filter-holder
4. Put 1-1,5 servings for a single espresso or 2 for 2 cups using the ground coffee doser
5. Slightly press with the back of the ground coffee doser. It is not necessary to press too much, as the pressurized filter-holder has a system optimized to brew a perfect espresso anytime
6. Remove any coffee residues from the edges of the filter-holder
7. Turn the pressurized filter-holder from left to right until it locks into place. Release the pressurized filter-holder grip. The handle will turn slightly to the left. This movement guarantees optimum filter-holder performance.
8. Press the coffee button to start the brewing process
9. When you get the desidered in-cup quantity, press the button once again to stop the brewing process. Now your espresso is ready!

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Gran Gaggia Style
How can I get an even warmer espresso?

To get an even warmer espresso, we suggest to follow these three little tips.

1. Turn on the machine a few minutes before using it, so it can heat properly and get ready to use.
2. Keep the clean filter-holder locked to the group – not too tight – both during the heating phase and after cleaning. This preserves the temperature and avoids termal shocks.
3. Pre-heat the cups by placing them on the cup warmer or dispense a bit of hot water with the pannarello on the cups, then wipe them with a cloth

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Gran Gaggia Style
Which milk can I use to get a velvety milk froth?

We suggest to use whole cold milk (at circa 5° C / 41° F), with a protein content of at least 3% and a fat content of at least 3.5%. Proteins will incorporate air in the cream, while fats will make it dense and steady. Also semi-skimmed cow milk, some lactose-free milk and soy drink are proven to deliver a good result.

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Gran Gaggia Style
How can I froth milk for cappuccinos and other drinks?

1. Place a cup under the pannarello
2. Press the steam button. When the light is steady, the machine is ready to dispense steam.
3. Turn the steam/hot water knob slightly counter-clockwise to eliminate any condensation from the pannarello 4. close the knob again and remove the cup.
5. Place a jug, filled for 1/3 with cold milk, under the pannarello
6. Turn the steam dispensing knob counter-clockwise to let the steam come out. Move the jug slowly, up and down, to heat the milk evenly, and turn the knob clockwise.
7. Once the desired frothing has been achieved, close the steam knob by turning it clockwise to stop dispensing steam, and remove the jug.
8. Press the steam button

For more details, please follow the procedure in the instruction booklet

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Gran Gaggia Style
Can I use mineral water?

Yes, you can use mineral still water or tap water. It is important not to use sparkling water as it can negatively affect the brewing process.

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Gran Gaggia Style
How can I make a good espresso by using coffee pods?

In order to get the best result with GranGaggia, it is fundamental to follow the instruction booklet step by step, and to choose quality coffee pods.

For the first coffee, turn the machine on and wait for the “machine ready” light to become lit. Then, you need to:

a. Insert the black coffee pod filter adapter in the filter-holder (convex side on bottom), and place the coffee pod filter above it. Do not insert the pod.
b. Lock the filter-holder to the machine . Click on the “espresso” button to brew a bit of water and then click it again to stop brewing. The filter-holder is warmed up.
c. Unlock the filter-holder and get rid of the excess water. Do not wipe it.
d. Place the coffee pod inside the filter so it adheres to it
e. Click the “espresso” button to start brewing and click it again to stop it, once coffee reached the desidered in-cup quantity. Your espresso is ready!

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Gran Gaggia Style
How can I choose the right coffee pods for my espresso machine?

Different kinds of coffee pods lead to different in-cup results, that is why it is crucial to choose quality ones. In particular, the standard one must:
– have a diameter of 44mm
– contain 7 grams of pressed ground coffee
– be perfectly sealed
– contain quality coffee, not too finely nor too coarsely ground, with a medium-light roasting.

We suggest to try different typologies until you find the one that better suits your taste.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Why, during the brewing, coffee might come out from the edges of the filter-holder?

We suggest to check the correct position of the filter-holder. It must be locked tight, so the handle is central, perpendicular to the machine, or it is slightly towards the right. In case the handle points to the left, it means the filter-holder is not locked correctly, and must be repositioned.

Besides, please make sure to respect the ground coffee dosage indicated on the user manual, and, in case you use pods, we suggest to properly follow the instructions on the user manual.

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Gran Gaggia Style
How to prime/flush the machine?

Before you use your Manual Espresso machine for the first time or in case the internal circuit has run out of water, you need to flush/prime the machine with fresh water. Here below easy instruction to follow:
1. Rinse and fill the water tank.
2. Insert the plug and switch the ON/OFF button on the back to the “I” position.
3. The “Power-ON” light at the front will turn on.
4. Place a container under the pannarello.
5. Open the “Hot water /steam” knob on the side by turning it counter clockwise.
6. Push the “Coffee” button. Dispense the whole water tank.
7. When finished close the “Hot water/steam” knob and click again the coffee button to stop dispensing.
8. The machine is now flushed/primed and ready for use.

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Gran Gaggia Style
How to properly clean the filter-holder?

In order to properly clean the filter-holder you need to:

1. Remove the filter that is installed
2. Wash the filter under tap water (not in the dishwasher)
3. Wash the inside of the traditional filter-holder under tap water (not in the dishwasher).

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Gran Gaggia Style
When and how to clean the filters?

Filters must be kept clean to guarantee an every day perfect result. If you notice a malfunction when brewing coffee, immerse the filters in boiling water for 10 minutes and then rinse them with running water. For a more thorough cleaning, use the Gaggia oil remover tablets.

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Gran Gaggia Style
When do I have to descale my machine?

Scale is a normal consequence of using the machine, and it depends also on the quality of the water you use. We suggest to descale the machine every 2 months and/or whenever you notice a reduction in the water flow. We suggest to follow the step-by-step procedure illustrated in the instruction booklet and to only use the Gaggia descaler that is especially thought especially for our espresso machines.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Which descaler can I use?

To descale your Gaggia coffee machine use only the Gaggia decalcifier, a unique solution made to ensure excellent performances of the machine throughout time. Vinegar or other descaling agents must be avoided. Never use descaling agents based on mineral acids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and sulfamic acid. These descaling agents may damage your coffee machine’s pipe and tube system.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Which components are removable and washable?

It is possible to remove the water tank, the pannarello, the drip tray and drip tray plate. We suggest to wash them under tap water and to delicately wipe them with a clean cloth. We advise against washing these components in the dishwasher.

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Gran Gaggia Style
Where can I buy a Gaggia manual espresso machine?

To buy Gaggia espresso machines, we suggest to contact Gaggia’s official distributor for your Country to whom you can directly refer to. You can easily find it here.