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Truly Italian in The World: Copenaghen

Truly Italian in The World: Copenaghen
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Copenhagen: a modern fairytale

The Danish capital city is a modern fairytale, a mix which is suspended in time between tradition and modernity and that emotions its inhabitants and its visitors.

Let’s begin our tour through the streets of Copenhagen with a glance to its glorious past. The Amalienborg Palace, with its royal elegance, looks like it is still dominating the urban landscape, tangible proof of the rich history of the city. The cobbled streets that surround the palace tell of centuries-old stories, while modern bicycles speed next to it, symbol of a dynamic present that embraces the past with respect.

The Tivoli Gardens, with their enchanting atmosphere, are the place where magic takes life every day. Amusement park, location for concerts and dances, a safe place for dreaming souls that look for daily lightness of mind. Kids laugh, lights shine, the music resounds and creates a unique atmosphere in the air that envelops everyone who is here.

Gaggia Copenhagen

Speaking of harmony, the beating heart of the city is Nyhavn. Here, the colorful buildings and the restaurants on the canal create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. The sound of glasses and the contagious laughters coming from the cafes and restaurants make an urban charming symphony for the visitors. At the harbour we can see the famous statue of the Little Mermaid, melancholy and beauty together that capture the essence of the Danish life.

Here, people live the day on a bike, the locals’ favourite transport, and the streets are an ever-moving river made of people. After a stop at the local markets, as Torvehallerne, we come back home for a break. Once in the kitchen, we decide to prepare a caffellatte with our Gaggia Classic Polar White.

As we usually do, we opt for a specialty coffee. Just as they did with beer and wine, also with coffee, the approach of Danish people is curious and open to welcome different kinds of flavors, also the most uncommon ones. Here, coffee is a serious topic. People study, experiment and try. This time, we opt for a mono-origin Ethiopian Arabica coffee, with fruity and citrus scents. We will mix it with an almond milk for an unconvential “caffè latte”.

In the meantime, the sun is already setting, and the city is ready to transform into a show of shining lights. The fashion locations of Vesterbro and the bars at Nørrebro are the stage for spontaneous meetings and animated conversations. The nightlife of the city is a mix of relaxed elegance and contagious vitality.

Copenhagen is a one-of-a-kind city, and embraces the past while walking with the present, with every corner telling its own story.

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