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Truly Italian in The World: Tokyo

Truly Italian in The World: Tokyo
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Tokyo: harmony of contrasts

Welcome to Tokyo, where future and tradition live together in harmony. With its 23 districts, the most Eastern capital city of the world offers different and unforgettable scenarios. From traditional areas to the most modern buildings, from parks with ponds and natural landscapes to markets, from temples to digital art museums.

In this unique city, which is a kaleidoscope of novelties and traditions, I am a tourist guide for small groups.
Among my favorite districts there is, for sure, Asakusa, able to transport back in time its visitors, among millenary traditions, with ancient buildings and green areas, on the banks of the Sumida river. The heart of this area is the oldest worship place of the city, dated 628: the Sensōji Temple.

Another unmissable district that is a must-visit during my tours is Shibuya, with its lights, screens and thousands of people who cross the famous crossroads. With various and picturesque cultural centers and shops, it is impossible not to be fascinated.

Another place many ask to visit is Akihabara, a true paradise for manga and anime lovers, with colorful shops and cafès inspired by comics and videogames, that gave the area the nickname “Electric Town”.

From these futuristic scenarios let’s go back in time once again, with another wonderful site: Yanesen. Art galleries, temples, sanctuaries, shops, narrow streets with old wood houses, tranquil streets with cherry trees: it’s wonderful!
The harmony of contrasts in the city could be lived through food as well, with culinary experiences that are engaging and unforgettable. From the well-established markets of Tsukiji to the nightclubs in Shinjuku, Tokyo offers a variety of tastes and multi-sensory experiences. It’s impossible not to love this city for its complexity and the ability of transforming each instant in a memory that is impossible to forget.

Gaggia Tokyo

But, before starting my frenetic day of tours, I have to prepare and drink my soy cappuccino with calm and tranquility. A few weeks ago, I bought a fully automatic Gaggia machine. Since then, we have been inseparable, and I cannot begin my morning without my soy cappuccino. I love enjoying it with dorayaki, a typical Japanese sweet pastry whose texture resembles the American pancakes.

If you want to make them at home, follow this error-proof recipe by the Italian food stylist Livia Sala.



– 2 eggs,

– 50 g of powder sugar,

– 1 tablespoon of honey,

– 30 ml water,

– 100 g plain all-purpose flour,

– half teaspoon of baking powder.


Here’s the procedure:

1. Whisk eggs, sugar, honey and water together.

2. Mix sifted flour with baking powder and whisk everything in order to make a smooth batter. Let it rest for twenty minutes.

3. Heat a non-stick small pan and pour a ladle of batter. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and then turn it and cook on the other side.

4. Make 10 discs.

5. Make the dorayaki by combining two discs and put in the middle the original azuki beans spread, or a hazelnut or chocolate spread, or jam. Enjoy!

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