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Truly Italian

Truly Italian – QUALITY- Danilo Taverna

Truly Italian – QUALITY- Danilo Taverna
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We continue our journey in the worlds that represent the Italian excellence. This time, we focus our attention on “QUALITY“.

And what can best recall quality if not the craftsmanship of an Italian tailor? According to the happy definition of Elisa Tosi Brandi, tailors are the “everyday artists”, holders of an artisan knowledge whose origin dates back to the Middle Ages. Ideal descendant of a prized tradition that cannot ignore the past but which, equally, is capable to bring it back into the trends of future days. And Danilo Taverna, a “modern tailor”, is our guest for this appointment.

He grew up among cuts of fabric, spools of thread in thousands of colours, needles and buttons. “It was the undisputed realm of my mother and my maternal grandmother, both seamstresses. It was they who educated me in good taste, in the importance of details, in the choice of appropriate materials, in the maniacal accuracy of the packaging “, says Danilo Taverna.

Danilo accumulates different experiences and travels, touring Italy and Europe. He finally arrives in Milan, where he joins the Raw & Co Team, the cabinet de curiosités with two locations in the Milanese city, one in Corso Magenta, near Palazzo Litta, and the other in via Palermo, in Brera.

In these environments, veritable gardens of vintage and design wonders, one feels immersed in a dimension that is extra-temporal and omni-temporal, among various objects and unique pieces of furniture. Nothing is left to chance: every aspect, every corner, every object is designed and chosen with obsessive care. For Raw & Co, Danilo takes care of the communication and the events.

The impact of the sartorial approach in Danilo’s life is expressed today in the perfectionism of his choices, in his ability to build strategies and actions that are pertinent and tailored to the events, because, in his words, “every occasion must have the right suit, made to measure “.


Experience as a dress, therefore, is tailored to the boutique and the customers. And, like a “tailor”, Danilo measures, evaluates, understands, selects, assists, prepares and finishes.


This multifunctional and versatile approach is the same that Gaggia embraces when conceiving its machines and when imagining the consumer experience of its buyers. 


With Gaggia machines you can customize your coffee moment in detail, thanks to the wide variety of options that can meet the diverse needs of everyone. A “tailored” coffee, therefore, bespoke to the taste of the individual. 

For Danilo too, coffee is a topical moment of the day.

“My daily appointment with coffee is a unique moment in which preparation is absolutely a ritual that prepares me for the day. The morning light that filters through the window and the reflection of the ceramic in the cup melt together in the aroma of the coffee that comes out of the machine. It is poetic and stops time. I like to drink it in silence, looking at the Liberty and sinuous shapes that the smoke makes when it comes out, dancing as it disappears into the room that is filled with perfume. For me this is drinking coffee”.

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