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Truly Italian in The World: Hong Kong

Truly Italian in The World: Hong Kong
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Immerse in the setting of the Far East, suspended between millenary tradition and productive frenzy, Hong Kong stands like a volcano of urban vitality, in a crescendo of sounds, lights and activities that do not allow for stops.

An enchanting metropolis, a kaleidoscope of experiences that captures the senses.

Hong Kong’s skyline is recognizable and characteristic. During the day, the skyscrapers stand out against the blue sky like giants of glass and steel. At night, the city transforms into a spectacle of dazzling lights, with the illuminated skyscrapers shining in sync on the bay. Music, architecture and nature fused together in a majestic orchestra.

Venturing into the lively alleys and the maze of markets means being overwhelmed by an incredible explosion of colors, smells and sounds. The stalls are overflowing with merchandise of all kinds, while the local inhabitants rush through the streets with a contagious frenzy. It is a dynamic picture that unfolds under the curious gaze of those who are only passing through, in an unparalleled sensory rapture.

Historic neighborhoods, like Sheung Wan, add a touch of nostalgia to this futuristic metropolis. The winding streets welcome pastel-colored buildings, decorated with ancient signs and artistic murals. Every step reveals a story, a tradition that resists the passage of time, placid and immutable, creating a compelling contrast with the impatience of modern life.

The many restaurants and street food carts are the theaters of the city’s culinary activity. From the Temple Street night markets to the elegant teahouses in Central, Hong Kong offers a vast variety of flavors. Traditional aromas of dim sum, noodles, meat and fish of all kinds fill the air, joining those of international cuisines, and inviting visitors to explore the multifaceted cuisine of this city in every detail.

Among the most popular drinks, in addition to the essential tea, we find, more recently, the matcha latte. Matcha is a variety of tea originating from imperial China, whose leaves are finely processed, steamed, dried and reduced to a very fine powder. In recent years, it has also become famous overseas, becoming the basis for a now trendy drink. In matcha latte, the soft creaminess of the milk – cow’s or soy milk – mixes with the deep and unique flavor of matcha tea powder, creating an enveloping and satisfying gustatory experience.

We can prepare it at home, emulsifying the milk with the help of our Gaggia espresso machine, both manual and automatic. After whipping the milk (about 80 ml), add it to the matcha powder (about half a teaspoon) that you have dissolved, with a small whisk, in a large cup in which you have put 25 ml of hot water.

Simple to obtain and incredibly effective, the matcha latte will conquer you with its rich and unmistakable flavor.

We can accompany it with a small mooncake, a delicious traditional dessert that is usually enjoyed on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but which is actually widespread and now available throughout the year. These round and delicately decorated sweets contain a variety of delicious fillings, such as red bean paste azuki or lotus seeds, and have Chinese characters or decorations printed on the outside.

Hong Kong is a city that defies easy categorization. It is a place of contrasts, where the old and the new coexist in perfect harmony. It is a city that is constantly evolving, and that always has something new to offer.

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