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Truly Italian in The World: Lima

Truly Italian in The World: Lima
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Lima: the irregular beat of a metropolis

Here I am in Lima, a city where the fuming asphalt of the streets reflects the heat of the people who cross them. In the air, a rebellious energy that fuels and positively affects everybody.

In the chaotic intertwining of the trafficked roads and in the hidden alleys, Lima reveals itself as a mosaic of contrasts and contradictions.

At sunrise, the smell of roasted coffee meets the scent of freshly baked bread, while Limeños get ready for a new day. The crowded streets of the city center get animated with the sound of honks and people speaking, offering a lively and authentic show of daily life.

From the ancient alleys of Barrio Chino to the modern glass towers of San Isidro, every district has its own story to tell and its identity to share. And while people walk on the streets of Miraflores, they can admire the urban works of art that adorn the walls, witnesses of the creativity and life of the community. The Limeños are known for their passion for food, and there is no better place to taste the culinary delicacies of Peru than the local markets. Here, among the stools of tropical fruit and fresh ceviche, it is possible to taste the authentic local cuisine in all its glory.

Lima is also a city of parties and celebrations, where music and dance are an integrating part of daily life. From the traditional dances to the overwhelming salsa moves there is always something to celebrate in this city.

Gaggia Lima
Gaggia Lima
Gaggia Lima

When the night comes, Lima transforms to a magic city, enlightened by the lights of the nightclubs and the beach parties. Barranco, with its bars and art galleries is the beating heart of the city nightlife, where artists and bohemians gather to celebrate creativity and diversity.

During my stay in Lima, I had the privilege to be hosted by a Peruvian girl named Sofia. Her hospitality offered an authentic experience that I will always carry in my heart. In her house, I found a safe place that mirrors the personality of her owner, a real corner of Peru. An unexpected aspect of this stay made it even more special: in the kitchen, I’ve found a Gaggia automatic machine to testify Sofia’s love for the authentic coffee, made with care.

I still vividly remember the first time she offered me a tasty café cortado.

The enveloping scent of freshly ground coffee beans was hovering in the air while we were waiting for the Gaggia machine to brew our delicious cortados. With our coffees, we could enjoy the typical alfajores, which are round cookies with a sweet and rich dulce de leche filling. Simple but very meaningful moments like this turned my experience in Lima into a precious one, and gave me the chance to connect with the city.

While sipping my cortado with my new friend, I was thinking about how lucky I am to live these experiences of sharing and discovering during my trips, that allow me to shape unforgettable memories that last forever. And while I am about to get back home, I mentally retrace the wonders that the city offers, but also the warmth and the friendship that I’ve found.

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