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Truly Italian in the world

Truly Italian in The World: Sydney

Truly Italian in The World: Sydney
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Sydney, a lively and cosmopolitan Australian metropolis, is one of the most visited cities in the world, both for the many places of interest and because it attracts with its lifestyle, at the highest levels of the planet. It enchants its architecture – represented by the iconic Opera House -, leave its beaches breathless – over 80 -, and even its ever-evolving culinary scene is beginning to gather more and more acclaim.

The golden reflections of the southern sun dance on the deep blue water of the bay, while the imposing skyscrapers stand as monuments of modernity among the bustling streets.
The local markets explode in a kaleidoscope of colors thanks to the stalls of fresh fruit and bright flowers, creating an atmosphere of vitality and dynamism. The most popular beaches, such as Bondi and Manly, are tinged with warm shades at sunset, giving unforgettable color shows.
Sydney is an ode to visual beauty that blends harmoniously with the pulsating energy of an ever-new, ever-moving city.

All this is not the only magic behind the urban facade of this city: the art of coffee, and in particular, the opportunity to enjoy a delicious flat white, here has its own nerve center.

The flat white is a drink born in Australia, which has won the hearts of coffee lovers around the world. What makes this blend of espresso and emulsified milk so special is the perfect balance between intensity and sweetness.

In Sydney, immersing yourself in the flat white experience is a daily practice.
The city’s cafes offer a wide range of interpretations of this drink, and its popularity is palpable wherever you go.
Think about being there and enjoying this drink while you stroll through Hyde Park…or even preparing it for yourself and your friends with the help of a Gaggia coffee machine.

Gaggia brings the authenticity of flat white directly into your cup. If you have a Gaggia Accademia, a Cadorna Prestige or a Magenta Prestige, you can find it directly in the drinks menu, and just one click to start the preparation. Otherwise, you can prepare it by following this recipe. A flat white is composed of a double espresso (about 80 ml) and an equal amount of emulsified milk, but not too much (you will not have to get a foam like that of a cappuccino, but lighter). The cream of milk, remaining very liquid and little compact, is mixed with coffee.

Flat white is usually served in a large ceramic cup, or in a glass cup. We prefer this second option, because it offers a unique visual experience, allowing you to admire milk and coffee that mix with harmony.
To date, flat white is known and widely used in many countries around the world. You just have to prepare it yourself at home, with your favorite Gaggia car, wherever you are.

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