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#MyEspressoMoments: Francesco Pruneddu

#MyEspressoMoments: Francesco Pruneddu
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Our #MyEspressoMoments column continues: another content creator, a photographer, a creative.
And his coffee moment.
With him, our new Espresso machine.

#MyEspressoMoments, our aromatic adventure.

Francesco Pruneddu

Francesco Pruneddu, born in Oristano in 1985 and graduated in Art History in Cagliari, has a double life, between managing some of Cagliari’s monuments and his creative enthusiasms: food, photography and painting.

Francesco started the blog Myfoodphotography in 2016, where he tells culinary stories through images inspired by 17th-century still lifes. His visual creations are not only a spectacle for the eyes, but a journey through the sweetness of the centuries, with recipes that sometimes risk being forgotten, but which have written important pages in the history of cuisine.

Francesco does not stop here: in October 2022 he published his first book, ‘Dolci d’Italia. La storia della pasticceria dal Medioevo al Novecento,’ published by Solferino.

Here is the world of Francesco Pruneddu, where history, art and cuisine are regenerated in a sip of coffee, prepared by our Gaggia Espresso machine.

Interview with Francesco Pruneddu

Francesco Pruneddu



What does coffee time represent for you? Do you prefer it alone or in company?
Like for many people, drinking coffee is an indispensable daily ritual for me. Whether it is a long coffee to be sipped upon waking up or an espresso drunk in company after a meal, its aroma and flavour have always marked a few hours of my day.

What is your favourite coffee drink? E.g. espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, shakerato, iced.
In the morning, when I am at home, I prefer to sip a long coffee. When I am out, however, I prefer to drink an espresso. In summer, shaken coffee is a must.

Name one adjective that identifies your coffee ritual
I would say regenerating!

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