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#MyEspressoMoments: Gaia Borroni

#MyEspressoMoments: Gaia Borroni
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We land in the world of Gaia, a professional food blogger and pastry chef since 2005. As a content creator, Gaia is dedicated to creating sweet and savoury recipes for her clients, with a particular passion for vegetarian and vegan cooking.

A mother of two children, Gaia loves to involve them in the kitchen, creating healthy desserts and colourful and fun dishes together with them.

In her blog, The Green Pantry, she shares a rich repertoire of ideas and practical advice, following the motto:

Easy & Vegetarian

Her proposals, which are at everyone’s reach, are quick to prepare and perfect for weekly smart dinners.

For more inspiration, you can follow Gaia on Instagram. On her profile @gaia_thegreenpantry she shares tips and videos that will guide you on your next culinary adventures.

Enter Gaia’s world, where her passion for food is creativity and family sharing, even if it’s just a coffee made with a Gaggia machine.

Interview with Gaia Borroni

Gaia Borroni


Content Creator-Food Blogger

What does coffee time represent for you? Do you prefer it alone or in company?
I have always been a lover of coffee sipped calmly and possibly in silence, in the morning. One of my favourite moments is breakfast, browsing a cookbook and holding my cup of hot coffee.

What is your favourite coffee drink? E.g. espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, shakerato, iced.
Depending on the time of day, I consume different types of coffee: lungo in the morning with a shot of plant-based milk, an espresso macchiato at the café if I am out running errands in the morning, and a traditional espresso after lunch.

Name one adjective that identifies your coffee ritual

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